Residential Services

Home Heating Deliveries

Many of today’s products which have almost always been powered through electricity are now turning to the cheaper more effiecient method of gas. With our home heating delivery service we can provide propane for any of these energy needs, such as heating, cooking, hot water, or drying clothes.

A fleet of propane delivery trucks are radio-dispatched every day to serve our customers faster and more efficiently. Each driver is trained and experienced to give the customer prompt, reliable and courteous service. National Gas is committed to offering fair pricing to our customers. One way to overcome the wide price swings that are the result of worldwide influences on crude oil is to buy and store products when prices are low.

National Gas storage facilities provide an adequate supply as a safeguard in case of bad weather conditions or fuel supply shortage. Our modern maintenance shop and crew of mechanics maintain each piece of equipment with periodic maintenance checks and inspections scheduled by our computer.


Transport Quantities at Wholesale Prices

If you want propane gas at the best wholesale price in the Southeast, call our Wholesale Transport Division. We have propane transports in our fleet with trained, experienced drivers you can depend on for prompt delivery service. If you need Propane Gas, we offer competitive prices and reliable delivery service. Please call our Transport Sales Department, at 1-866-693-4171, and ask for today’s price.

Propane Rail Terminal

National Gas Rail Terminal is Waiting to Store Your Fuel Needs!

National Gas has a propane gas rail storage terminal at Knoxville, TN. If you are a propane gas distibutor looking for a storage terminal to receive your own propane by rail, give us a call! National Gas can thru-put your own product and then deliver it to you by National Gas transport. Call 1-866-693-4171 today, we will be happy to discuss this rail service arrangement with you.